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UG-269 Jumper Error?

Question asked by Mark@CSI on Jul 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2012 by musach

Why does the reference board document (UG-269) Table 1 have both the LK1 and LK4 jumpers installed, when it is using the 3.3V from the SDP Blackfin board?  This puts 3.3V on the CAP/2.5V pin, which has a Max voltage (according to the AD9837 data sheet) of 2.75V.


Also, the description of this jumper claims it is adding or not adding decoupling, but the schematic shows LK1 is just connecting, or not connecting CAP/2.5V to VDD.


Bottom line is that I will be running the AD9837 off of 5V.  What do I do with the CAP/2.5V pin?