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sound firmware for ADAU1761 and BF548

Question asked by laeeq on Jul 14, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2012 by laeeq

I am working on ADAu1761 eval board along with BF548 EZ KIT LITE. Kernel is Linux Laeeq-blackfin 3.0.8-ADI-2011R1 and toolchain also of 2011R1. After following steps from   to generate the sigma dsp firmware,

  1. Export the config files(parameter.bin and program.bin) from SigmaStudio, right click the capture window in SigmaStudio choose 'Save as Raw Data'→'Address + Data'.

  2. Use tool sigma-firmware-util to get firmware blob:

    1. Run 'make' under the directory to get 'gen_firmware' which is an executable program used to generate firmware.

    2. Copy (parameter.bin and program.bin) into the directory and run './gen_firmware',then get 'SigmaDSP_fw.bin'

  3. Change the firmware's name to “adau1761.bin” and copy it to the '/lib/firmware/' under rootfs of the image. 


Did the above steps, generated the bin. Is the BIN correct ? I am getting issues with sound and hence this question. Once sure the generated bin is correct and being loaded, further steps will be evolved.