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ADV7619 vertical filter measurements problem with 720p24, 720p30

Question asked by tips on Jul 12, 2012
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I have an ADV7619 (and ADV7511) eval board, and am evaluating both devices.  I am having a problem with the ADV7619 with vertical measurements for some specific timings: 720p 24Hz and 720p 30 Hz.  When I apply either of these timings the vertical measurements are usually very far off and the vertical filter is reported as not locked (HDMI 0x7[7] VERTICAL_FILTER_LOCKED and IO 0x6A[1] V_LOCKED_RAW).

I've tried changing various registers to see if this has any effect on this, but it did not.

The source is a QuantumData 882EA signal generator, and I use it regularly to test these timings on other devices. The 720p timings of concern are SMPTE 296M.  The generator is putting out a DVI mode signal. I've confirmed that other devices measure these timings from this source correctly.


I note that it seems to be just the filter that is having the problem, since with the output of the eval board's ADV7511 connected to a sink, the sink displays the image properly for both timings. 

Is there something that can be done to get correct measurements for these timings?