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Analog and digital mics cabling and integration.

Question asked by sreenivasa on Jul 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2012 by JeradL

Hi Jerad,

Thanks for all  the support in the past.


I  need a clear picture if Analog(ECM) or digital MEMS microphones are best suited for my microphone array.

My requirements are like this.


I have a data acquisition and signal processing board which can support 8 microphones(say). The microphones are not fixed to the board as their positions will be different for my different experiments.At max the microphones can be around 2 feets from the DAQ and DSP board.

MY concern is that if i use the analog mic we can cable the signal to the board.But if i use digital mics then how to handle the mems mic and what all should i consider during cabling?

Is digital mics always soldered to the pcb or can be used exactly as the analog ones?


Thank you in advance.


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