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ADV7842 : Disable HDCP support

Question asked by Yannick.C on Jul 12, 2012
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In my application I use an ADV7842 for HDMI input and that stream is scaled to exit on a SDI output and a HDMI output.

As there is no way to encrypt data on SDI, to fulfill HDCP rules I do not display any encrypted stream on SDI.

The problem is that today most of HDMI transmitter activate HDCP even if the stream do not need to be protected (like MacBook Pro). So my SDI output is quite useless because most of the time I cannot display input stream.


The solution is to allow user to activate or not he HDCP support on the HDMI input, so if the transmitter do not need HDCP it will display it without encryption and if the content is protected (like Blu-Ray reader) it will not display video content.

With a component of one of your competitor I can do that by disable the cipher engine that is in charge to compute HDCP authentication key. With a wrong key, the transmitter cancel HDCP authentication phase and act as receiver is not HDCP compliant. On ADV7842 what can I do ?


Thank you in advance for your help,