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SPI interface to connect to AD5372 in linux via IIO

Question asked by KrisC on Jul 10, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2012 by larsc

The AD5360 IIO Multi-Channel DAC Linux Driver provides a simple way of interacting with AD5360-AD5373 devices vial linux IIO

The question is: what SPI interface hardware (preferably USB) could be used to make the physical connection with the DAC?

Is a USB driver for the EVAL_AD5372 board available for that? Please help with a link.

Otherwise, could the Digilent USB JTAG-USB SPI cable be used to connect to the IIO? Seems a simple connection of the SPI signals after disabling the USB SPI interface of the EVAL board but it would require linux support for the Digilent cable. Has anyone tried that?

Any other USB to SPI interfaces that work in linux to connect the IIO driver for the AD5360?

Any pointers appreciated


Kris Caputa