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VDK Callback vs. Interrupts

Question asked by jwalther on Jun 17, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2009 by kaushal

I am trying to figure out the best or most convenient way to generate sine waves using the bf548.  I am looking at the audio loopback example that uses the AC97 driver using callbacks.  This appears to generate the 48 Khz sample rate that I want, but has a large buffer to fill.  Are there any examples of how to use an interrupt to do something similar?  I am porting some code from an ADSP-2115, or at least mimic the outputs and it is uses an interrupt with sample by sample manipulation of the output.  I will be constantly scanning the frequencies of the output sine waves, and also need to be able to generate single wave outputs with variable pulsewidths reprates and duty cycles.


I am new to the DSP side of the Blackfin, having written mostly interface code, so any advice or examples would be helpful.


Jay Walther