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Evaluation board EVAL-AD1938AZ driver problem

Question asked by Chrill on Jul 10, 2012
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I just tried to hook up the EVAL-AD1938AZ (populated with an AD1974) with my PC via the provided USBi adapter. I installed the 'Automated Register Window Builder' Tool (ARWBv1005) and connected the USBi adapter. After installing the driver (CyUSB.sys) the USB device 'Analog Devices USBi' pops up in the device manager under 'USB controller' (I'm using windows 7 64Bit). However, it says that the device has been stopped or cannot start due to an error. Consequently, when I start the Automated Register Window Builder and load the AD1974.xml file the software cannot connect to the board via USBi (it tries to connect via I2C address 0x04, but it should connect via SPI!)

(btw: The ERROR LED D9 on the eval-board is on).


Did I miss something or is this a hardware or driver problem?


Any suggestions are appreciated!