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sound from bf537-ez kit

Question asked by mjk on Jul 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2012 by mjk

I've searched and found how to setup ad1836 driver on ez-kit, but the settings are rather old, and doesn't work with blackfin-linux-dist-2011R1-RC3. I tried also uclinux-dist-trunk-svn-10727, but can't get sound out either. Then I started to look how to send sound by ethernet to another  computer, but can't get live555 or vlc to compile. Live555 doesn't link, I get relocation error saying type 0 is not supported, and no symbols when linking.

vlc stops compilation saying ffmpeg/avcodec.h is not found,but  ffmpeg builds correctly and libavcodec.a is built.


alsa-lib doesn't compile 2011R1-RC3, stops saying gcc doesn't work. Took the alsa-lib from trunk-svn and added just to 2011R1-RC3, and compilation went ok.


GNU toochain is bf-uclibc-full-2012R1-BETA.i386.tar.bz2, elf-SVN.x86_64 and bf-toolchain 2011R1-RC4.x86_64


What are the settings for ad1836 to use with recent kernels, or what toochains and bfin-dists to use for network audio on  bf537-stamp?