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software interrupt for ADIS16488

Question asked by jekain314 on Jul 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2012 by NevadaMark

I would like to implement a software interrupt for the IMU data -- DELT_ANG and DELT_VEL.

I believe these data represent accumulated data per the decimation filter (figure 20)

I have set the DEC_RATE to 24 to reduce the output sample rate to 98.4 SPS (2460 ÷ 25).

I have NOT changed FNCTIO_CTRL from its default value (0x000D).

This suggests that the DIO2 line is set as dataready.

Figure 4 shows the dataready signal goes from low to high when we have data valid.


Does the DIO2 line go low-to-high for each word that is read?

Or does the dataReady go low-to-high when we have a new set of data based on the DEC_RATE?


Is there some DIOx signal I can access that provides a transition when a new DEC_RATE dataset is available?


when the dataReady line goes low, how long does it stay low?


  --- Jim