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Problem of using TCP/IP to transfer data in BF537

Question asked by Jia on Jul 9, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2012 by SrinivasG

Hi guys,


    I encounter a problem of using TCP/IP to transfer the trace data in bf537. My lwip application project work on the bf537 board, it is the server for transfering data. And the client work on pc, it receive the data from bf537.


     The problem is that when the bf537 send the data more than 1460 Bytes, the client on pc just receive 1460 byte data.


               Server: sendnum = send(socketfd, sendbuf, 2048, 0)

               Client:  recvnum = recv(socketfd, recvdbuf, 2048, 0)

     After running the two statements, sendnum is 2048, but the client's recvnum is 1460. The recvbuf is  large enough. Why the cilent can't receive all the data from server. I know the number 1460 is MTU of TCP/IP. But in my other similar application , the client's recv() function can receive all the data which more than 1460 bytes sended by the bf537.Now I'm confused. Is something configured correctlyi in lwip project? Anyone can help me?