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Expand All - Feature Req.

Question asked by SpeakerGuy on Jul 8, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2012 by SpeakerGuy

I hate to do it but I've gotta ask.... What are the chances of getting an "expand all" type button on the Tree Toolbox (perhaps there is one and I missed it?)


Currently there is a very large number of functions contained within the Tree Toolbox (awesome!), however, there are two troubling scenerios:

1. when drawing large schematics there is a lot of used time hunting for the various blocks I find (reading root folders rather than functions then clicking etc.)

2. when "hunting" for new unfamiliar blocks the hover with description feature (awesome too!) is very handy but again having to expand the tree every time is a non-value-add task.


Being able to read the "function name" directly and simply drag/drop would save me a lot if time. Please consider this.


Best Regards.