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AVES, ADV7619 eval board, unable to connect on Windows XP

Question asked by tips on Jul 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2012 by tips

Hello, I have an Advantiv ADV7619/7511 Eval Board (A0261-2010 Rev 1.1). The AVES software is working on my Win 7 PC, but on my Win XP PC it will not connect. I've gone through the same steps on both the Win 7 and XP machines:


1. install the Server and AVES software

2. install the driver

3. connect USB

4. launch AVES server

5. launch AVES


On XP I get Connection: None and the software runs but does not talk to the board (reads zeros). On Win 7, it says Connection: USB and is working.

I could work around this by using Win 7, though my main PC is Win XP and using the Win 7 PC at this time is inconvenient.  And it should work on Windows XP as I understand.

I am able to connect by COM port, baud 115200 to the device from XP, but I want the AVES software to work. I would appreciate any help on this. 



My Win XP PC:

Win XP Pro Version 2002, SP3

Dell Vostro 420, 2 GB RAM