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Problem with a/D converter on ADUC 7060

Question asked by daniele59 on Jul 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2012 by MikeL

Hi, I want use the ADUC 7060 as a digital voltmeter,

I can not understand how I configure the primaryA / D converter for use in differential. Can I use the internal reference? How do I connect the inputs AN0 and AN1? To make a test to figure out how to connect it, I closed the inputs of an R 10kohm and then I applied through a generator and a voltage ranging from 0 1.5Volt, but I get the readings are very unstable, as if I had a huge amount of noise, this when polarity is direct or reverse. I think I understand that the inputs are affected in some way but I have not found any information on. The PGA gain is 1, the converter works with the internal reference and is set in differential mode.

thanks to who helps me.