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Flash Programmer Problem [ AD7980 Project ]

Question asked by rmoshiri on Jul 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2012 by rmoshiri

I can run the modified Eclipse APP for AD7980 using Run Configurations, and verify it using ucProbe. The Bemicro verifies the new code by lighting an extra LED. The Eclipse console says:

      Verified OK                 

      Starting processor at address 0x00010184

I can use Flash Programmer using the ".sopcinfo" file in the FPGA dircetory for the new project. After adding the Quartus and Eclipse files, its seems that I successfully program the BeMicro. However, having set "Run from reset after programming", the program starts at 0x00010000 (not 0x00010184).

                    Starting processor at address 0x00010000

The Bemicro verifies that the old code is running by NOT lighting the extra LED.

I suspect that the new code is programmed, starting at 0x00010184, while the old code at 0x00000000 remained in place and getting executed.  Or, is it possible that the new verified code is not saved in the newly created ".elf" file?


P.S. Do you have a ".flash-settings" file you can share?