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Can not open device driver when trying to emulate

Question asked by hellojia on Jul 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2012 by CraigG
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I designed a board referencing ADSP-21469 EZ-BOARD .When I trying to emulate via the debug agent, it shows that " Can not open device driver ",the error code is 0x80048015 .The debug agent I used is the one shipped with the kit when we buy the  EZ-BOARD. I don't know whether it can be used in the ez-board only? Becanse my board is something different with the ez-board ,for example ,  the DDR2 is not used in my board .But i connected jtag ports correctly . the Designators P1 and ZP1 in ez-board are just all the same with mine .

By the way , if there is no program downloaded to my DSP processor , when i test the clkout pin ,can i get the frequency inputed (eg.25MHZ).I have tested ,just got a high-level of 3.3V . I don't know if it mean something?

I tryed to solute it in any  way i know ,but it didn't work .I hope someone here could help me . Finaly find that my english is so poor !! I really don't know if I express my problem exactly ..I hope I was.







PS:It is the warning I meet.