ADF4158, ADF4159, ADF4169 software

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ADF4158, ADF4159, and ADF4169 software attached. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32-bit and 64-bit).


Main Controls:


Ramping and shift-keying controls:


Post any problems/questions below.

  • v4.10.7: Allowed use of Fast Ramp when Single Full Triangle is enabled.
  • v4.10.6: Added ADF4169
  • v4.10.5: Fixed rounding error bug (possibly).
  • v4.10.4: Fixed rounding error bug.
  • v4.10.3: Fixed another bug in the Ramp Complete to Muxout control.
  • v4.10.2: Fixed a bug in the Ramp Complete to Muxout control.
  • v4.10.1: Improved Ramp Complete to Muxout control. When Muxout is set to Ramp Status, there is a warning is Ramp Complete is not turned on.
  • v4.10.0: Added Ramp Complete to Muxout control.
  • v4.9.4: Changed ADF4158 R1 DB3 to 0. Added ADF4158 negative bleed control.
  • v4.9.3: Very minor change - tidying layout/format.
  • v4.9.2:
    Reset CLK2 minimum to 2. Now, CLK1 = CLK2 = 1 triggers a warning.
  • v4.9.1:
    Added warning for Single Full Triangle.

    Set Down Ramp CLK2 minimum to 2.
  • v4.9.0:
    LDP and LOL are now default to 1 for more robust lock detect operation.
    Warnings significantly improved.