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Sound Drivers for EVAL-ADAU1761 board

Question asked by laeeq on Jul 4, 2012
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I am working on EVAL-ADAU-1761Z sound board with BF548 EZ KIT . The setup of sigmastudio (GUI)  and running of the demo program (audio loopback) works. I need to get started with the same on Linux. I found out the driver to be in

find . . . blackfin-linux-dist/ -name "*adau17x1.c*"

. . . /blackfin-linux-dist/linux-2.6.x/sound/soc/codecs/adau17x1.c


Hence following steps from


Q1] Do i need to make changes as mentioned i I2C, PLL configuration etc. Or just the defaults work ?

Q2] After the steps mentioned in the end for the evaul board , modprobe snd-pcm-oss , gives up error modprobe: module snd-pcm-oss not found in modules.dep, I have configured accordingly  kernel options and the modules then why this error ? is something missing ?

Q3] When i run tone, it says : ERROR: failed to open DAC device /dev/dsp,  why would this be coming ?


Update :

1] I have connected the ADAU-1761 to the BF548, I2C lines and GND. I am able to detect the device 0x38 (slave address of 1761) and read the register contents by i2cdetect and i2cdump.

2] in the adau17x1.c, i added simple printk statements just to know what is being executed.

3] while adding modules,


insterting sound based modules

snd-bf5xx-i2s done

snd-soc-bf5xx-i2s done

snd-soc-adau1761 done

snd-soc-bfin-evaul-adau1x61 done

modprobe: module snd-pcm-oss not found in modules.dep

snd-pcm done

root:/mnt/hdd> tone

ERROR: failed to open DAC device /dev/dsp



and on the console, i get

bfin-i2s bfin-i2s.0: dma rx:0 tx:1, err irq:10, regs:ffc00800

[  254.780000] In Init of bfin_eval_adau1x61

(this was my printk statement) ,


Hence again i am stuck with Q1, Q2, Q3. Please post your answers, Thanks