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ADL5382 I & Q outputs

Question asked by TPiggin on Jul 3, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2012 by TPiggin

Hi, I am trying to understand what the I & Q differential voltage outputs on my ADL5382 actually mean, more specifically the resulting amplitude calculation. It seems quite clear to me that if i do the inverse tan of (Q_diff/I_diff) I get a phase angle in radians relative to the LO signal. However if i do sqrt(I_diff^2 + Q_diff^2) and come out with say 0.302 (one of my answers) I have no idea what this actually means. Obviously I can convert this to a dBm figure which I get as 7.72dBm. Does this mean my RF signal is 7.72dB's higher than the LO signal? Do I need to take conversion gain into account?