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ADT7310 Communication problem with SPI and STM32

Question asked by roger8400 on Jul 2, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2012 by jtowey


I have following communication problem between STM32 Controller and ADT7310:


First time I will set the ADT7310 to continuous read mode with send command byte 0x54 to ADT7310.

But the ADT7310 switched to this mode only by multiply send 0x54 !!!

With and Without debugger !!!

Is the ADT7310 by accident in continuous read mode a can read the data value of temperature witout any problem !

Only switch between Command Byte 0x54 and 0x50 dont' works certain !!

Remark: this is when I switch the /CS to High before the correct clk of 8 bits is to end ????


When I switch the /CS correct in timing spezification than I have the same effect only with debugger.

Without debugger I can not switch to continuous read mode any time !!!


see the attachment for different timing.


In summary:

With debugger I can work communication with ADT7310 but only by accident !!

Without debugger I can work only when the timing to switch /CS is uncorrect but also only accident !!

Is the timing to switch /CS correct I can not communication with the ADT7310 without debugger all times !!!


I don't know what I can do ?


Sorry for my English

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