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AD9889B and 1080p60 problem

Question asked by Jacky-zheng on Jun 30, 2012
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I am using an AD9889B,sucessfully transmitting 720p60 and 480p60 signals.


Now I tried to transmit 1080p60.


AD9889B corrently recognizes the mode that I send to it by reading these registers(R0x3D=0x10,R0x41=0xF8,R0x42=0x10,all circuits powered up and Hot plug active),but the display is black.I've tried many diffrent displays(samsung and others),all displays are black.


I modify R0xA2 and R0xA3 to 0X87,and change the timing sequence following EIA-CEA-861-D(verified with a scope),and using videoclock of 148.5MHz,but it's not working.


I've tried 1280*768 60Hz too,the videoclock of 108MHz,the display is sign good and black from time to time.


I am not using HDCP.


Any other regiter must be modfied?


many thanks