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AD7741 V-F Converter Lifecycle and ability to be clocked at 1.42MHz...

Question asked by mwfortner on Jun 29, 2012
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I have a customer that is ready to start a prototype for their next generation air quality measurement instrument. 


They are asking whether or not the AD7741 is a smart option for this project, or if there is a better V-F converter ADI can offer.


They would prefer a device that is 3.3V, but they see that there is not that much in this space which supports 3.3V, so they have accepted that they will most likely need to use 5V rails.


First off, they need to know if there is a replacement device for this AD7741, and if not, what is this parts life expectancy.


The main constraint they see is that they are clocking this device around 1.42MHz, so they need a V-F converter that can handle this speed. 


This is the last issue holding them back from beginning their prototyping stage, so they are a bit anxious.


Any suggestions would be helpful. 


Thanks in advance for your help.