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SPI flash booting error  (bf609)

Question asked by qian on Jun 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2012 by qian


My board uses two FLASH,NOR FLASH and SPI FLASH。



My initialization code in the Annex .


When I use the NOR FLASH startup added initcode file is no problem . ldr file from NOR FLASH start automatically.

I that this initcode file is no problem .



SPI MASTER starts , I use two programs to do the experiment :


1 , a simple led program , the program did not use to SDRAM .

Ldr file can be generated automatically start .



2,A TFT test procedures , a number of image data into the L3 .


Ldr file generated later programmed into the FLASH,Does not start automatically。If this program start from nor flash is normal.




In initcode file , I modified the DDR2_init, because my DDR2 is 256MB , ezkit 's is 128MB .


SPI FLASH reading and writing I have already been verified , is not a problem.

I do not know why SPI MASTER fail to start .


Thank you.