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DE_REGEN_LOCK and V_LOCK Interrupts are missing in ADV7623 and ADV7842

Question asked by Leonz on Jun 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2012 by DaveD


we see an issue from our input card which no interrupts of DE_REGEN_LOCK and V_LOCK are trigged after the input video is switched between 1080i @60Hz to 1080i@50Hz, this causes application code to mis-handle the new input video. our application code is always checking the interrupt pin from ADV7623 and ADV7842, if the level of that pin is turned from high to low, our application code reads out the registers right away and process the active interrupt events one by one, but if the level of that pin keeps HIGH, then our code is running in idle mode.


Anyone met or knows this issue?  Your any advice is really appreciated!



Leon Zhang