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How to make samples for a high freq burst sine wave and ...

Question asked by mostafanfs on Jun 28, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2012 by danf

I want to build a sinusoidal signal with center frequency of 160 MHz and BandWidth of 70 MHz Modulated by a Pulse signal for example with period of 10 micro second and pulse width of 2 micro second . Whole BandWidth as I mentioned before is 70 MHz .

I dont know exactly what is this signal called. I think it calls Burst Sine Wave. I need something like this picture with mentioned parameteres.


burst sine wave.jpg

Center Freq 160 MHz .  BW: 70 MHz  . Modulated by a Pulse like period of 10 micro and pulse width of 2 micro


I just know I have to make samples in such softwares like MATLAB and load those samples into a High Speed DAC. Is that true ?

I'm asking you to help me with the way making samples and figuring out to pick a appropriate DAC and anything that I might have forgot !

Thank you