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Designing a System for ADSP-21262

Question asked by dramsay on Jun 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2012 by dramsay

Hello all,


I have a hopefully quick, newbie question:


I have code up and running on my ADSP-21262 EZ-kit, and I'm currently designing my own board based on the EZ-kit schematic.  My question is how to cheaply and easily interface VisualDSP++ to my circuit design so I can do in-circuit flash programming.


I read EE-223 and EE-68, and I'm still not quite understanding what hardware is required.


My options as I believe them to be now are:


1) bypass the DSP and hook up the flash to a third party JTAG.  Generate some assembly code out of VisualDSP and use a third party USB JTAG programmer to program the flash directly.


2) hook the memory up only to the DSP and have the DSP handle the programming through JTAG.  What is the cheapest/easiest way to do this over USB?   It seems like the USB circuitry on the EZ-kit is not an option for my circuit design (proprietary, correct?), so I'd have to use JTAG as specified in EE-68 (?).  I could potentially(?) generate assembly in VisualDSP, and buy a third party USB JTAG Programmer, and try to jury-rig the JTAG port as it's described in EE-68.  Can someone give me a few suggestions as to typical best practices here?




Any help is really greatly appreciated- I'm just out of school and new to all of this (first embedded circuit design).  I'm having a fair amount of trouble figuring out how to push my program to the hardware, and cost is the #1 issue.  Thanks for the help!!