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DRC and EQ

Question asked by KKSL on Jun 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2012 by BrettG

Problem 1:

Digital audio is sometimes a boon as it can playback silence. However, though the digital audio pundits brag about its high dynamic range, in reality, to me at least, it is more of a pain than gain.

Go for a home theater demo. You will invariably be made to hear action scenes. The ratio of dialogues to music to effects is really, really bad.

It can be argued that this was how it was intended to presented to us. But still, after 10 mins, my ears start ringing.


Problem 2:

Not all have acoustically treated listening rooms or computer modeled expensive speakers. Fewer still have both. I more than agree that good speakers sound great in treated rooms. The problem is that I have neither.


The challenge is to solve the above two problems as simplistically and as cost-effectively as possible.


I used the SigmaDSP platform (as I can't write code) to solve problem 1. Almost perfectly. The best part of my results is that the passages that do not need correction in the first place do get left unaffected.

Problem two requires a platform that does real-time frequency domain correction which SigmaDSP platform is not capable of.

The other platforms, like SHARC, that are capable of tackling both problem 1 & 2 are neither cost effective nor do they support GUI programming platform. So I am stuck.


If only SigmaStudio supported SHARC????!!!!