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ADAU1401 - Non-Selfboot mode and i2c

Question asked by norman on Jun 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2012 by norman

Hi everybody,


Linking the ADAU1401 with an external chip, i can read and write i2c command and it's work as long as the evaluation board stay in selfboot mode. I integrated the .h files provide by SigmaStudio. When i switch in non-selfboot mode, it's still works with the usb-i but not anymore with my soft/chip. And when i read or write i2c command, the i2c communication is ok but nothing happen after. I read again what i write just before and it match.

I also try with more timer after the start but it don't change anything.

Is there more register to write or test or command to do in non-selfboot mode than self boot mode ? Didn't find the good clue in the .pdfs....


many thanks !