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ADAU1361, ADAU1761 - Common-Mode Rejection Ratio for differential inputs and additional input’s differential buffer

Question asked by Sasa on Jun 27, 2012
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In datasheet parameter “Common-Mode Rejection Ratio” for differential inputs is 65dB. The same parameter for fully-differential op-amplifier (OPA1632, for example) is 90 (>74)dB. Really, this parameter for fully-differential op-amplifier will worse because of using 1% resistors in feedback dividers. How much – I don’t know… What is better – is use or no use additional input’s differential buffer?

I will use ADAU1361/ADAU1761 for receive balanced audio (XLR) 600 Ohm on differential inputs LINP/LINN and RINP/RINN.