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ADV7604: Inaccurate LCVS values

Question asked by mra on Jun 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2012 by DaveD

On page 275-276 in "ADV7604, Hardware Manual, Rev. F, August 2010" there are two tables with STDI readback values for SD, PR, HD and GR. In the first table CHx_LCVS may vary by one, while it may vary between 0 and 6 for GR formats. Is that right? Why are the GR values more off than the values for SD, PR and HD?


The LCVS value is the vertical sync width. This value is for instance used to detect whether the received format is CVT (vsync between 4 and 7) or GTF (vsync should be 3). How can we detect the different formats if we can not rely on the LCVS values?


I find the same tables in the datasheets for e.g. AD9388A/ADV7441A, ADV7842 and ADV7619. Have you improved this for new video receivers?



     Mats Randgaard