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PCN about ADV7611, remove audio TDM mode

Question asked by daniel.d on Jun 26, 2012
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we are using the ADV7611, and we receive the audio in TDM mode as it's the only way to receive eight audio channels with this chip.


But we have received the  PCN 12_0113, saying

Description Of Change:

"Remove the audio TDM function from ADV7611, ADV7612 and ADV7619 Datasheets"

Reason For Change

"The datasheet is being updated to accurately reflect the ADV7611, ADV7612 and ADV7619 device capabilities."


It doesn't talk about silicon changes.

And we know the TDM audio mode in within ADV7611 capabilities as we are working with it.

And these raises to us some questions.


Is there any issue with TDM mode that recommend not to employ it?

Is TDM mode going to dissapear ein future chip revisions? or its going to be an undocumented function.

what we could expect in the future?



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