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ADuM2402CRWZ temperature and output Drive

Question asked by rmelman on Jun 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2012 by DaveC



We are currently using the ADuM2402 with an approximately 27MHz SPI clock rate.


We added LC filters to the output of the ADuM as an EMC mitigation (in addition to stitching capacitance and edge guards on the PCB).


We are noticing some data corruption when the ambient temperature around the ADuM is raised above ~45ºC. removing the capacitance to ground, only 10pF, gets rid of the data corruption even with an ambient temperature of 60ºC. The ADuM is not running near its maximum throughput and track length is very short to the SPI component.


Apart from small latency increases, what else is changing in the ADuM with temperature that makes the chip sensitive to an increased capacitive loading on the output?