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21060 DSP TRST, BR, ID and JTAG Pins in board level design?

Question asked by sulficker on Jun 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2012 by Harshit.Gaharwar

I am working with 21060 processor. In my board contains single 21060 DSP. So i make the ID bits = 000; so what to do with the BR bits?


In datseet it is mentioned as

BR- Multiprocessing Bus Requests. Used by multiprocessing ADSP-2106xs to arbitrate for bus master-ship. An

ADSP-2106x only drives its own BRx line (corresponding to the value of its ID2-0 inputs) and monitors all

others. In a multiprocessor system with less than six ADSP-2106xs, the unused BRx pins should be pulled

high; the processor’s own BRx line must not be pulled high or low because it is an output.


So i have made it pulled high. Is it correct?


Also for the final board design how to configure the TRST pin?

and for the final board design is it correct to connect BTMS, BTRST, BTDI, BTCK  to GND?

Also what is pull-up/pull-down resistors value used in unused pins and JTAG pins?