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AD7626 Power-down.

Question asked by StephenD on Jun 21, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2012 by awalshe

Hi all,

My query - I want to power down my analog circuits including my AD7626.


Idealy I'd like to simply power everything down, but with my current configuration I can bring all the rails down but my issue here is the common mode voltage on the CNV and CLK (static logic levels, no switching)  will stil be present and I find that the VIO pin is pulling the VDD2 rail up (VIO is decoupled and fed from VDD2 via a ferrite) to around a volt.


I'm using the same +5V regulator to supply all my analog circuits including the VDD1 and external 4.096 reference. I've a separate +2V5 regulator for VDD2 etc.


I'm wondering what is workable with my current configuration -  If I power down VDD1, VDD2 and VIO am I stressing the part by having the LVDS common mode voltage present?


If so then I maybe need to add another regulator so I can independantly power down my op-amps  etc but leave VDD1, VDD2 and VIO powered-up and put the AD76 26 into Power-Down mode (EN1=EN0= '0') .


Many thanks,