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ADXL312 Interrupt Masking Issue

Question asked by shaq on Jun 21, 2012
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I'm working with ADX312 satellite board connected via 4-wire SPI to a TI board with an MSP430F5338 MCU.


I'm able to properly read/write from/to the setting registers and read the data registers.


I have encountered the following issue:

I'm configuring INT_ENABLE to Watermark interrupt only (value 0x02).

I have read INT_ENABLE after writing to make sure its value is 0x02.

However, inside the ISR when I read the INT_SOURCE, I see 0x80 (DATA_READY only) or 0x83/0x82 (DATA_READY + WATERMARK + OVERRUN or DATA_READY + WATERMARK).

Why would DATA_READY (INT_SOURCE = 0x80) trigger an interrupt when it is masked by INT_ENABLE?



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