ADIS16480 Datasheet Updates

Discussion created by NevadaMark Employee on Jun 20, 2012
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While we make every effort to provide accurate information in our datasheets, we do experience occasional mistakes and plan to start using this forum to provide early, public notification of any errors that we discover. In the ADIS16480 datasheet, revision 0, in Table 9, on page 12, the register descriptions for the ROLL_C23_OUT and PITCH_C31_OUT registers are not correct.  The figure below provides a graphical representation of the correct register names, which will be officially updated in revision A. Click on this picture to see a larger view of the updates. Revision A production is currently waiting on some un-related information, this update may require 2-3 months to complete and post on the ADIS16480 product page (



We would like to thank Robert Pinto, of Enpoint Systems for pointing this out. Check out Enpoint's web site to learn more about their expertise in inertial system and algorithm development:


Thank you!