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Output HSYNC/VSYNC, SoG on ADV7391

Question asked by tommyo on Jun 20, 2012
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i develop a computer card for converting different video signals. One design goal is

to be flexible with all video formats in and out. The input is done by the ADV7181C and is fine.

But the encoder, your ADV7391 is a little? The processing chain is like in this schematic in the appendix.


Output - Analog Filter (ADA4411) - Encoder (ADV7391C) - FPGA - Decoder (ADV7181C) - Input


I want to support following output formates:

- STANAG 3350 A/B/C

- VGA, (XGA @ 60Hz / 75Hz (1024x768))



My question are the H/V Sync signals from the encoder. I need for RGB H/V both Snyc´s on the output. But this

signals are In/Out on the encoder. Is the H/V Sync for the supported output formates an Output, or need the encoder

this signals from the FPGA?


The next question is to Sync on Green (SoG) Output. Is this output also in the green signal, or did i need an external

SoG seperator circuit? Based on H/V Sync from the encoder?


Thanks a lot for your help,