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ADIS16488 evaluation board software bug?

Question asked by Timstanton on Jun 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2012 by NevadaMark
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Hi IMU devision,


This afternoon I just received the ADIS16488 module and mounted it on the USB evaluation module, loaded the latest drivers from your website, and plugged in the demo bard via USB to an older Windows XP computer. LED 1 came on in about 12 seconds. I then ran the IMU_evaluation executable, and it crashed immediately with an error box that announced “Critical error in the system: Reflection Block, Name of the assembly: System, version  …..  ”. I write enough code to know that this is not good! I noticed that this is very fresh code (6/12 date in the docs), is it a bad version? Is there anything else I should try? I deliberately used a slightly older XP machine I use for Cadence rather than a Windows 7 PC, because Windows 7 was not listed as supported. I did reload the drivers, but have the same crash and error report. Any ideas?


I would like to soon proceed with evaluating this IMU for an underwater vehicle application – the specs look impressive, so we would appreciate a response soon.