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Question for ADF4351 frequency jumping

Question asked by zxl13 on Jun 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2012 by Charles.Guo


    I am testing the ADF4351 now , and I have the same confusion.

   Firstly , I can get the lock time lower than 40us by setting 100kHz loop bandwidth and DB28(phase adjust) to 1 in Register 1.  But then the LO can only be locked in 10MHz bandwith (such as 500MHz to 510MHz).

    Secondly, if I set DB28 to 0 in R1, then the LO can be locked within 100MHz at least  , but the lock time is worse to 250us.(this is the same result for ADF4350).

    Thirdly , I try to use the fast lock mode , but still the lock time can not be improved.

    My purpose is to jumping the LO for at least 100MHz in 150us lock time.

   Can any expert do me a favor to tell me whether my purpose will work by using ADF4351?