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Problems using SPI transmitt on BF54x

Question asked by Eklund on Jun 15, 2012
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I've got a problem using the adi_dev_Write fuction in the adi_blkfn_5_0 library. I want to boot another Blackfin via SPI and I think I've initialized the driver correctly, but when I call adi_dev_Write the program hangs in adi_dev.c in this infinite loop:

while (*pProcessedFlag == FALSE) ;

I suppose pProcessedFlag should be set in some interrupt handler, but it is never done.

Has anyone experienced something like this? The problem is deep down in the driver code from Analog Devices so it should be well tested? If I missed some initialization can someone give a hint of where it could be? Some example code of using the SPI driver would also be much appreciated.

I found the EE-336 note on booting Blackfin via SPI which sounded promising since it had example code for the host SPI driver, but it was only assembler code so it didn't help much.