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ADXL345 calculations

Question asked by Satnam on Jun 15, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2012 by Kevin.G

HI All,


I am using ADXL345 to calculate the various g values. I was not able to clearly find any idea for calculating the G values.

I am planning to use +-16 G range in 10 bit mode. the data is right justified.

here i was not able to figure out the sign extension option.


The code used to calculate the value from the ADXl registers is


x0 = read_i2c_reg(0x32); //x0  read

x1 = read_i2c_reg(0x33); //x1 read


xx = (x0 + ((xx | x1)<<8)); // add to form a 16 bit value

xx = (~(xx-1)) & 0x3ff ;// 2's complement and get 10 bit value

now the above calculated value xx is used to get the g value as explained below.


I suppose for max resolution 10 bits, the maximum value is 1023.

now for -16g to +16g.

at 0g the value should be 1023/2 = 511

if value is greater then 511 then (value - 511)/31.2 = g

if value is less then 511 then value/31.2 = g


Please confirm the above calculations and let me know if i am doing it the right way.


Thanks and Regards.