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Info about ADF7021-N

Question asked by NickV on Jun 14, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2012 by NickV

Dear Sirs,


I have to perform readback commands on ADF7021-N using SPI interface of controller MCU. Questions are:

1) Is it possible to send more than 9 bits (in my case 16 bits) when writing to the Readback Setup Register?

2) When performing reading of the readback data, is it possible to send more clocks after the 18th clock and before bringing low again the SLE line?

3) Can I keep the SLE line high when I'm not sending commands to the ADF7021?

4) Is the formula for temperature calculation (on page 47 of the datasheet) correct? From that formula, it seems that the entire operating range stays between readbacks of 51 and 67 (decimal), with a resolution of more than 9 degrees!

5) On ADF_7021-N_ANOMALY silicon anomaly sheet, I found that one workaround to use readback function in between packet reception is to use the "lock threshold" mode. My question is: after readback function is done, can I release the threshold lock immediately (or after a fixed amount of time)? Or do I have to mantain the lock enabled until the end of the packet?