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Question asked by huichun.xing on Jun 14, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2012 by Prashant

We are using AD7356 to convert two analog signal simutanously at 1M sample/second.


We try to use TMS570 family to connect AD7356 due to the reason that

  • It has MIBSPI(multi buffered SPI) and DMA so when we have other tasks, the data will not be lost.
  • The multi MIBSPI can one work as master(initiate CS CLK, and take one channel data) and the other as slave(take the other channel data, and take CS, CLK). And the master can be triggered by any external signal such as an conversion strobe signal.
  • It has maximum baudrate 20MHz, for 16 bit frame size, we can get over 1M sampling rate.

But the part is not an easy and common part to use. So based on the requirement above, do you have any suggested MCU or suggested conenction for AD7356?