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ADV212 Firmware Loading

Question asked by steven on Jun 13, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2012 by DaveD



I have a question regarding loading firmware to the ADV212.  I am aware that the .sea file needs to extracted and put into an array for programming. 


In the programming guide for 32bit Host mode it looks like the Direct Register must be set to 0x0B on ADDR[3:0] (IADDR)and then the value 0x00050000 on HDATA[31:0]


This part seems fine and makes sense, after this the Direct Register must then be set to 0x0C on ADDR[3:0] (IDATA) and the firmware is then loaded in on HDATA[31:0]...  i presume.  The only problem is that HDATA is a 32bit word while the firmware is an array of 32bit words, how exactly is this loaded in?


ADV212-programming flowchart.png