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ADV7393 I2C

Question asked by Ofek on Jun 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2012 by GuenterL

Good morning.


Is there a short check list for fault in I2C?


A single card with ADV7393 have I2C fault as follows: the ADV7393 does not issue I2C acknowledge. The I2C on the card worked before, and there are other cards that don't have this error.

already checked:

  • I2C singals to the ADV7393 - SDA, SCL - are OK on the oscilloscope, but the acknowledge is missing
  • power is OK
  • The ADV7393 is not in RESET
  • there's 27MHz clock to the ADV7393
  • the component is not hot
  • ALSB pin is low through 4.7K pull-down resistor, address 0x54


1. is there a short check list for this problem? I mean requirements to verify that must be OK to support any I2C activity?

2. other suggestion before ADV7393 replacement? it will take time before i get another ADV7393.





Ofek Nir