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Error when switch phase in BPSK mode of DDS( AD9854)

Question asked by HoaiNam on Jun 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2012 by DSB

Dear Analog Device


I used DDS 's IC to make the BPSK signal in 70 MHz and 5 MHz.

My circuit used :

   + external reference clock : 10 MHz

   + Ref CLK Multiplier  : 28x

When i switch logic value of pin 29 of AD9854( pin BPSK) to change Phase Adjust Register 1 to 2,

The Phase of signal out is correct. But  the applitude of signal have been changed in the phase switching time .


The detail of circuit design and problem have sent in attach file 


PLz let me know the countermeasure to solve this problem

Thanks a lot in advance for  suggestions !!