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BF-51x SPORT Multichannel External Clock only RSCLK connected, not TSCLK

Question asked by avdspguy on Jun 12, 2012
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I have a BF 51x SPORT Multichannel design that has both SPORT1 and SPORT0 being set up DRxPRI, DTxPRI, RFSx and RSCLKx connected as per required but with no connections for TSCLK or TFS on external pins.  Clock source is generated external.


As per BF 51x HW reference, in multichannel mode you can share RFS (internally generated) for transmit and receive , the TFS will not be used.  So forsee no issues there.


However, have a concern about no external TSCLK connection.


I have read the SPORT section in HW reference and it appears there is conflicting information on this.  Figure 19.2 shows example of multichannel model pin connection showing TSCLK and RSCLK connected but then a note says these connections are internal in multichannel mode, table 19-3 shows multichannel mode configuration with ITCLK and IRCLK being independent along with Clock Signal Options section says the external TSCLK and RSCLK do not "need" to be synchronous with each other


My Questions:

  1. will multichannel mode work without the external clock being connected to the TSCLK?  or will a HW change be needed to externally connect the TSCLK to the external clock source.
  2. what is the SPORT clock related register configuration to allow the TSCLK to internally share the RSCLK (from external source).