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AD9629 readout issues.

Question asked by afallu on Jun 12, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2012 by DougI

Hi there:


I'm using the AD9629-40 in a non SPI configuration, and I'm seeing a behavior I can't explain on the ADC bit stream with bursts of bad ADC values (about 40us every 500us) which can not be attributed to readout issues (bursts actually probed on the bus) nor from analog from end issues (inputs connected both to clean VCM).


  I thought the ADC was operated in its Test mode (0x0D) so I set this register to 0x00 to make sure this mode was off, but this was not sucessful. I also replaced the ADC, but this was also not successful. Clocking it at slower speed did not help.


  I'm a bit clueless here; has anyone experienced that type of behavior?