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project and session for ADSP21992.

Question asked by porter on Jun 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2012 by ColinJ

Please help here.


I created a new test project using processor ADSP21992 as per the instructions in the GettingStarted.

1) While creating project, we selected ADSP21992 as target.

2) I added ‘dotprod_func.asm’ (from the example) as a source file in test project and created ldf file.


The project builds successfully, but gives following error.

‘Project processor ADSP21992 does not match with current session processor.’


Following are session configuration detials:

Target – ADSP 219x Family Simulator

Platform –ADSP 219x Single Simulator

Processor –ADSP 219x


Please guide us which session needs to be used for the processor ADSP21992.

I tried all plausible combinations, it doesn’t seem to work.


Thanks in adavance.