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ucProbe problem [ NIOS II AD7980 project ]

Question asked by rmoshiri on Jun 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2012 by rmoshiri

Trying to recreate the NIOS II AD7980I project, I am running into a problem at the very last step

with the uc-Probe:


    Clicked "Acquisition" button, ucProbe doesn't go through Acquisition, Transfer & Process states.


1) NIOS II Eclipse Script tool seems 100% successful: Built & run the Config per instructions.

2) DOS Shell "data_capture.bat" (tcl data collection) seems 100% successful, waits for ucProbe.

3) ucProbe is configured and ran as instructed. (JTAG_UART instance ID is lost after save).


P.S. have followed the troubleshooting instructions in the project, but did not work.